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We believe that all people have the potential to become leaders and agents of change. Join Unite Oregon and help build a unified, intercultural movement for justice in our state.

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Unite Oregon members come from diverse cultural, ethnic, economic, and religious backgrounds. We’re immigrants, refugees, people of color, U.S.-born citizens, rural Oregonians, LGBTQ folks, workers, students, moms, dads, grandparents and, most importantly, allies in the struggle for social justice. We share a common belief in a multi-racial, multicultural democracy inclusive of all — and the passion to put our beliefs into action. Get to know us more, join us, or support us.

Upcoming events

September 28, 2016 at 5:00 PM - Rogue Action Center - Medford, OR

Rogue Valley Measure 97 Phone Bank

Companies like Bank of America, Comcast, Wal-Mart and Monsanto make hundreds of millions of dollars from the business they do here but pay taxes that are so low — the lowest in the country — that our schools and critical services are badly underfunded.

A study done by the independent Anderson Economic Group showed Oregon ranks last in corporate taxes in the country. Here’s what ranking dead last in corporate taxes means:

  • We’ve got the fourth lowest graduation rate in the country, the third largest class sizes, and one of the shortest school years.
  • Thanks to layoffs, we also have 2,000 fewer teachers today than we did in 2008, even though enrollment has gone up.
  • Health care costs have risen by more than 32% in the last decade, about twice as fast as the rate of inflation.
  • We know that vital treatment is out of reach for many Oregonians. And for the average Oregonian with a modest income and marketplace insurance plan, they will spend about $1,600 in out-of-pocket health expenses this year.
  • State data shows that there are 21,000 more Oregon seniors living in poverty than there were a decade ago.
  • Two-thirds of retired Oregonians have no income from retirement savings, which means many seniors are one unexpected expense away from not being able to pay their rent or buy groceries.

Oregonians deserve better. A solid education, affordable health care, and retiring in dignity shouldn’t be out of reach because of funding shortfalls. That’s where A Better Oregon comes in.

With A Better Oregon, we’ll increase the minimum tax for the world’s largest corporations, meaning we can boost our graduation rates to the national average, make health care more affordable, and allow seniors to stay in their homes longer.


September 29, 2016 at 2:00 PM - Metro Regional Center - Portland, OR

Unite Oregon Presents to Metro Government


Unite Oregon (Formerly CIO)  partnership with Metro Regional Government is due to Parks and Nature Program (PNP). Metro has a long history of building partnerships with local community organizations. However, Metro recognizes that communities of color traditionally have been under-represented both as grant recipients and project participants. Partners in Nature was created in collaboration with organizations representing communities of color. Leaders identified a common goal of connecting their constituents to the land, accessing Metro- managed parks and natural areas, and working with Metro’s Parks and Nature team.

Since 2013 Unite Oregon has been able to provide trainings and outings for our emerging leaders in Pan –Immigrant Leadership Organizing and Training (PILOT) and newly represented emerging leaders from Beaverton Organizing and Leadership Development (BOLD) 2016 cohort year to be able to learn more about all the things Metro Regional Government does in Multnomah, Washington and Clackamas Counties. The biggest takeaway from the partnership has definitely been the outings provided for the emerging leaders and their family and friends to be at Metro Nature sites and learn more about it and connect with the nature site.

Unite Oregon Invites you to a council presentation made to Metro Councilors around the partnership, program and hearing directly from presenters about their experience and how vital this program is to under-represented communities.

The council Presentation is Thursday, September 29 from 2:00 – 4:00 PM Metro Hall address is 600 NE Grand Ave, Portland, OR 97232. Unite Oregon is given around 30 Minutes to present to council. We would appreciate your attendance to show Metro Council that community needs this program to continue to be accessible and building and strengthening relationships with under-represented communities and organization.

Read more about Metro Council: http://www.oregonmetro.gov/regional-leadership/metro-council

If you would like to be a presenter and tell your story of what Unite Oregon and Metro partnership has meant for you please call me Zack Mohamed at 503-505-8836 or Muwafaq 503-505-8309. We will be doing outreach to a few alumni folks, also if stage fright hinders you to be able to speak publicly to Metro Council a written testimony can be submitted and is as powerful as speaking. We at Unite Oregon are more than happy to work with you to develop a testimony.

Room 274 Gales Creek Room is reserved for us. From 1 - 2 PM. For folks who are able to come a little bit early and practice that is where can meet and go over any last details.


Zack Mohamed


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