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We believe that all people have the potential to become leaders and agents of change. Join Unite Oregon and help build a unified, intercultural movement for justice in our state.

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Unite Oregon members come from diverse cultural, ethnic, economic, and religious backgrounds. We’re immigrants, refugees, people of color, U.S.-born citizens, rural Oregonians, LGBTQ folks, workers, students, moms, dads, grandparents and, most importantly, allies in the struggle for social justice. We share a common belief in a multi-racial, multicultural democracy inclusive of all — and the passion to put our beliefs into action. Get to know us more, join us, or support us.

Upcoming events

August 31, 2016 at 4:30 PM - Medford Library - Medford, OR

Medford Transportation Forum

Speak up for people-focused transportation in Oregon!

This Spring, the RVTD (Rogue Valley Transportation District) Ballot measure passed thanks to some excellent organizing and volunteers in our community. However, the fight to meet our regional transportation needs isn’t over.

Oregon needs to adopt a transportation package that reflects the priorities of Oregonians. Safe routes for walking and bicycling and plenty of convenient transit options benefit Oregon communities. Our neighbors can get to their jobs, children can walk and bike safely to and from school, drivers face less congestion on the roads, and the air is easier to breathe.

If quality transportation in Medford is important to you, join us on August 31 in Medford for an important public hearing. We need to show lawmakers that this issue is important to us.

The Oregon Legislature’s "Joint Committee on Transportation Preservation and Modernization" will be holding 9 meetings accross the state to hear from communities about what transportation needs are.

Thank you for helping us ensure Oregon is spending our money wisely on a modern transportation system that provides options to all of our community members!



September 02, 2016 at 6:00 PM - Unite Oregon - Portland, OR

Resilient Connections September Meeting

To all of our wonderful queer friends:

Last month was the first of a monthly series of open mic nights celebrating QTIR/QTPOC existence and resistance under the full moon. September will feature a lunar eclipse on the day of the full moon, so we’d like to invite you to a meeting this Friday, September 2nd, to plan the September event.

The meeting will feature a review of August’s open mic night and an open forum on any suggestions for changes that need to be implemented or other actions we feel should or could take place. Topics will include: bringing other forms of art into the space, reaching out to more people in the QTIR/QTPOC community, and making it more clear that the open mic nights are a closed space for QTIR/QTPOC only. 

Please RSVP below, and we look forwards to seeing you + hearing your voices!


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