Vote Yes on Measure 110

Vote Yes on Measure 110:
The measure will virtually eliminate racial disparities in drug policing

Unite Oregon is leader in the movement to end racial profiling in Oregon. Racial profiling is a first point of entry into a biased justice system where people of color face racial disparities at every step of the way. Nationally, drugs are one of the biggest excuses to stop, harass and detain people of color. 

That’s why we’re supporting Measure 110, and urge you to join us in voting Yes on this important initiative. Measure 110 has the potential to transform Oregon’s unjust drug policing system as we know it.  

Oregon’s drug laws are deeply inequitable, disproportionately targeting and impacting Black and Indigenous people of color. Oregonians use drugs at about the same rate, regardless of their race. But Black Oregonians are three times as likely to be arrested, charged and convicted of drug crimes. Drug arrests lead to lifelong barriers to access housing, employment, and education. For immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers, these arrests can lead to harsh consequences such as families being torn apart.

According to independent government research released by the Oregon Secretary of State and conducted by the Oregon Criminal Justice Commission disparities in drug possession arrests and convictions will nearly be eliminated if Measure 110 passes.

Click here to learn more about Measure 110, and here to learn more about how 110 will help reduce deep disparities within Oregon’s criminal justice system.