Press Releases and Updates

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Special Thanks to On Point Credit Union

Our grassroots movement wouldn’t be possible without the support of our community members. Today, we’d like to give thanks to On Point Credit Union for their generous contribution to Unite Oregon that will help us...

A step toward justice: three men found guilty of murdering Ahmaud Arbery

A jury has found the three men guilty of murdering Ahmaud Arbery last year, all of which face sentences of up to life in prison for the state crimes. Ahmaud Arbery’s mother, Wanda Cooper-Jones, said... Read more

Unite Oregon Condemns the latest Hate Crime in Clackamas County

Unite Oregon strongly condemns racially motivated hate crime that occurred on Friday at the Green Line MAX platform on Southeast Sunnyside Road in Clackamas County. Two Micronesian men were attacked with a pair of scissors... Read more

Another Miscarriage of Justice

Today our country witnessed another miscarriage of justice, as Kyle Rittenhouse was acquitted of all charges after shooting three protesters, two of whom died. Rittenhouse crossed state borders with an assault rifle looking to cause... Read more

Reflecting on the 20th Anniversary of 9/11

Saturday, September 11th marks the 20th-anniversary of the tragic 9/11 attacks, which radically reshaped the immigrant, refugee, Muslim, Arab, and South Asian experience in the US. Read more

Supporting Afghan Refugees

Unite Oregon joins community organizations across the country in calling on President Biden and the federal government to evacuate Afghan citizens in danger from the Taliban, and give them refugee status in the United States... Read more

Portland Police Continue to Profile Black and Latinx Portlanders

Portland Police have released their annual report on traffic and pedestrian stops, confirming what our communities already know: Portland Police disproportionately stop and search Black and Latinx drivers and pedestrians. Those disparities have gotten worse... Read more

Recapping the 2021 Legislative Session

The 2021 Legislative session gave Oregon legislators the unique opportunity to invest in our communities, and strengthen Oregon amid the COVID-19 pandemic, climate crisis, and wildfire season. Read more

World Refugee Day 2021

Today, we're commemorating World Refugee Day, a day dedicated to raising awareness of the plight of refugees worldwide. Read more

Defund Portland Police in 2021-22

Mayor Ted Wheeler has released his draft 2021-22 budget - it would cut critical programs while increasing the number of employees dedicated to policing in Portland. Enough is enough! Read more