Oregon Legislature, Pass HB 2508!

Oregon Legislature, Pass HB 2508!

Across the world, there are 68 million people who have been displaced from their homes, including 25 million refugees. But the federal government has cut refugee admissions to an all-time low of 30,000 - and we aren't even on track to meet that goal. In the middle of the worst refugee crisis in modern history, the federal government is turning its back on refugees and asylum-seekers.

If the federal government won't stand up for people fleeing persecution, then Oregon must.

The Oregon Legislature is currently considering House Bill 2508 (HB 2508), also known as the Refugees Welcome Act. HB 2508 will provide 1,800 refugees with Extended Case Management services over 2 years, including employment assistance and supports for school-aged children. The evidence is clear: investing in refugees in the first few years after they arrive in our community is key to their success. With strong case management, refugees are typically employed within 6 months, and are less likely to need long-term assistance.

Let's ensure that Oregon remains a welcoming place to those who are fleeing oppression and violence in their home countries. Let's pass HB 2508!



Dear members of the Oregon Legislature,

Across the world, there are 25 million refugees fleeing persecution in their home countries. According to estimates from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, a person is displaced from their home every 3 seconds. We are in the middle the worst refugee crisis in modern history.

As the federal government cuts important case management services for refugees and asylum-seekers at the national level, Oregon must do the right thing and extend our hand to these communities. The Legislature can take action this session by passing House Bill 2508, which will provide Extended Case Management services for 1,800 refugees over 2 years. These services ensure that refugees are able to thrive economically and socially, and investing in refugees in the first few years after they arrive in our communities is critical.

HB 2508 is an investment in Oregon's vulnerable refugee communities. Let's make sure Oregon continues to be a beacon of hope for those fleeing persecution. I ask you to stand up for refugee communities and pass HB 2508 this session!

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