No Ban, No Wall



Unite Oregon has been on the front lines fighting for the human rights and civil liberties of Oregonians. The upsurge of hate-related incidents and threats to communities of color is both historical and increasing. To help Unite Oregon continue this urgent work and move beyond the fear and paralysis, we invite you to invest in the No Ban, No Wall Campaign.


Our Community Needs You

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Help Unite Oregon train and support new immigrant and refugee leaders, provide direct legal assistance, mobilize allies, and fight back against the Trump Administration's public policy attacks.  


What We Have Done

  • Criminal Justice Reform -- Passed HB 2355 in the Oregon legislature in July, which strengthened the End Profiling Act with criminal justice reforms; mandated demographic reporting; changed drug possession from a felony to a misdemeanor; and made the system fairer for immigrants

  • Sued Donald Trump - Filed a lawsuit in federal court in Portland against President Donald Trump, seeking an injunction against the travel ban

  • Provided "Know Your Rights" Trainings and Workshops - Trained several hundred immigrants and refugees on their legal rights in light of Trump's Executive Orders on immigration

  • Organized Large-Scale Rallies - In several cities across the state, Unite Oregon organized large-scale No Ban, No Wall rallies and marches.  Thousands of community members participated and pledged to stand up for immigrants and refugees

  • Obtained Executive Order from Oregon's Governor Kate Brown - The order reiterated the state's policy of sanctuary and refused to allow Muslim registration in Oregon

  • Planned Community-Based Rapid Response - Worked in coalition with other social justice organizations across Oregon to develop community rapid response plans to immigration enforcement and increased surveillance

  • Passed Inclusive Community Resolutions - Worked with cities across Oregon to pass resolutions of inclusion at the municipal level designed to support immigrants and refugees

  • Co-Founded "One Oregon" - Launched a highly-visible statewide coalition that defends against anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim policies and ballot measures and works to ensure that all Oregonians, regardless of country of birth, are treated with dignity and respect.  Find out more at


With Your Help, We Can Do More

  • Educate and Inform immigrant communities on their constitutional rights and how to protect themselves

  • Raise the awareness of community members and elected officials of the growing threats to immigrant and refugee communities through public forums, media, and one-on-one meetings

  • Prepare diverse immigrant refugee leaders - to assume positions of power in the movement for human rights and civil liberties

  • Directly support victims of profiling, surveillance, and ICE actions through partnerships with National Lawyers' Guild, the ACLU, and other legal organizations

  • Build our cross-cultural network of immigrant and refugee mutual assistance organizations, nonprofits, faith-based groups, and allies able to move quickly on actions that protect targeted communities.


For questions, please contact Cassie Cohen at [email protected] or call 503-816-4342