Sign Our Petition and Tell Congress: No Muslim or Refugee Ban Ever

Sign Our Petition and Tell Congress: No Muslim or Refugee Ban Ever

Rescind the Muslim Ban Immediately 

To the members of Oregon's Congressional Delegation:

The Trump administration has once again rolled out a new version of its Muslim ban, although this time it has no end date.

The American people rejected Trump’s bans and rallied at airports across the country in January, including here in Oregon at the Portland International Airport. Several court decisions have struck down Trump’s un-Constitutional and un-American attempts to turn the President’s campaign promise of “a total and complete shutdown of all Muslims entering the United States” into policy.

Yet, the Trump administration will not halt its discriminatory pursuit. We must take real, meaningful action to ensure that Congress stops shirking its responsibility and steps up to end Trump’s ban once and for all.

I stand in opposition to the Muslim Ban and all efforts to discriminate against Muslims or anyone else based on what they look like, where they come from, or how they pray. And I call on all members of the Oregon Congressional Delegation to fulfill their duties and immediately pass legislation to rescind the unconstitutional Muslim Ban and make absolutely clear that such attempts to target Muslims, or anyone on the basis of national origin, are unlawful. 


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