Kwangjin Shin


Research Intern

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Kwangjin Shin is an intern at Unite Oregon. She graduated with a degree in sociology and holds a Social Survey and Analysis certificate.  Receiving this certificate require a combination of investigative knowledge, proficient research methods, and a handle on analysis programs. Kwangjin is currently interested in overseas activities, looking at globalization as a phenomenon and the expansion of human rights consciousness, not just an expansion of the market. Shortly after graduation, she was selected as a participant of WEST, the South Korea-U.S. joint government program and was sent to the United States. She thinks that people maintain their life through labor-based wages and society is about doing self-fulfilling work, earning a reasonable wages and living as healthy a life as possible. Unite Oregon is constantly working for human rights among various other social problems and for this reason she enjoys spending time working with this organization.

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English, Korean

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