Jesse Sharpe

Jesse Sharpe

Board Member


Based in Medford, Jesse is a passionate organizer in Southern Oregon focused on finding solutions and building community power to combat the mechanisms of poverty and hate. Jesse began their journey with organizing leading up to Occupy in 2011. In 2014, they volunteered as the Southern Oregon Field Organizer for $15 Now Oregon, a long fight that would culminate in a ballot initiative and an eventual legislative compromise which left many rural communities in the dust. Since then, Jesse has focused on organizing in rural areas and small metros across Southern Oregon. After being awarded Unite Oregon Rogue Valley’s “Volunteer of the Year” award in 2016 for their outreach around various ballot measures and local initiatives in the 2016 election, they joined the Leadership Council at Unite Oregon. 

Also in 2016, Jesse helped to found the Southern Oregon Tenants Union, an all volunteer grassroots group dedicated to fighting back against the wave of displacement that resulted from the massive rent increases and no-cause evictions which were plaguing the Rogue Valley, the Umpqua Basin, and the southern coast. Later that year, Jesse became the first remote staff member of Community Alliance of Tenants, focusing on organizing communities to push for statewide action against the rising rents and other abuses by landlords. They also organized several buildings into tenant unions to push back against abusive landlords.

Jesse joined the board of Unite Oregon in late 2018 because they believe it is critical that we work to create a movement which centers impacted communities from every corner of the state and that we build power together. They hope to see a future where the working class from east to west and from north to south stands united against hate, fear, and poverty. They believe it is imperative that we build resilient thriving communities together if we are to survive the coming years.

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