Inauguration unveils new era; Unite Oregon encourages community vigilance

Inauguration unveils new era; Unite Oregon encourages community vigilance

Unite Oregon issues community warning regarding rumors of extremist violence on inauguration day

Source: Common Cause

For Immediate Release

Jan. 20, 2021

PORTLAND -- As the country transitions to new leadership at the federal level, Unite Oregon issues the following statement about today’s presidential inauguration, democracy, executive orders and staying safe in our communities after a turbulent few months.

On January 6th, we watched in horror as pro-Trump rioters stormed the United States Capitol in what appears to have been an attempted coup d'etat fueled by lies and designed to keep Donald Trump in power, despite the fact Joe Biden won the 2020 Presidential Election. 

We stand in solidarity with our friends, families, and neighbors across Oregon as we witness the darkest impacts of misinformation and propaganda. We empathize. Like you, our members want peace for our families and our homes, and we want decency in our elected leaders.


Many of Unite Oregon's members came to America after fleeing political violence in their countries of birth. Others grew up in this country and have experienced the impacts of discriminatory and dehumanizing laws and policies. All of us have been shaken to our core by the attempted coup and the lives unnecessarily lost in the pro-Trump political violence.

Right-wing militants have been called to arms because of false tales and conspiracy theories about election fraud. Unite Oregon staff members are continuing to monitor the latest news about a potential surge in far-right, extremist violence to come in all 50 states. We remind our more than 13,000 members throughout Oregon communities to remain vigilant, and notify authorities and allies about dangerous incidents and activities. 

We want to be clear with our community members: We should all be prepared to see or hear pro-Trump protesters, some of them armed, mobilizing in communities around the state, specifically targeting government buildings like city halls, courthouses, and the Oregon Capitol. 

We urge everyone to stay safe, to take good care of each other, to monitor possible threats, and to bewary before traveling to areas around government buildings in your community. 

If you experience any harassment or hate by pro-Trump protesters in Portland, we encourage you to report the incident via Portland United Against Hate's website,

If you experience hate incidents outside of Portland, please contact one of Unite Oregon's chapter directors to report the incident: [email protected]


Led by people of color, immigrants and refugees, rural communities, and people experiencing poverty, we work across Oregon to build a unified intercultural movement for justice. Unite Oregon represents over 13,000 supporters and members across Oregon. 

For news media: Please contact Tony Hernandez at (458-205-5958) to help meet deadlines for publication and broadcast by coordinating and scheduling interviews with Interim Director Sushma Raghavan.

*Blog post updated and edited for clarity in headline & copy Jan. 21, 2021