Equity Manager - SW Corridor

Equity Manager - SW Corridor

Equity Manager - SW Corridor 

Duration: Regular Position

Hours: 1.0 Full Time Equivalent (40 hours/week)

Compensation: $55,000 to $60,000 DOE; generous and progressive benefits including medical and dental care 100% of premiums paid by Unite Oregon, paid wellness leave, vacation, flex time, and personal days off.

About Unite Oregon: Unite Oregon is a 501(c)3 grassroots community organization with three chapters, in Portland, Beaverton, and Medford. We believe that all people can become leaders and agents of change in the areas of racial justice, immigrant and refugee rights, affordable housing, and living wages. Unite Oregon is building a unified intercultural movement for justice in our state.

Background on the SW Equity Coalition 

The SW Equity Coalition is a new public- private partner coalition formed in anticipation of the construction of a new Light Rail Extension from Downtown Portland to Tualatin. The vision for the SW Equity Coalition is to build on existing partnerships and deep engagement from community members by building connections across sectors to deepen the partnerships and collaborations necessary to accomplish large-scale change. The Coalition will push for anti-displacement and equitable development in the SW Corridor through oversight and implementation of the SW Equitable Development Strategy, which is guided by 7 goals: 

• Address residential and business displacement
• Reduce disparities and improve conditions for affected people
• Preserve and expand affordable housing
• Advance economic opportunity for all and  build community capacity for wealth creation
• Promote transportation mobility and connectivity
• Develop healthy and safe communities
• Expand the breadth and depth of influence among affected people

The Coalition will center current community members residing along the SW Corridor who identify as immigrants, refugees, people of color, and people living on low incomes, and work to prepare them for the economic forces that will accompany the new light rail transit investment; and to ensure existing residents are able to remain and experience the opportunities this major public transit investment will bring. The Coalition will be co- chaired by Unite Oregon and Community Alliance of Tenants, two local, people of color -based community based organizations, and Metro. Overall, we aim to develop a SW Equity Coalition that is:

• A place to inform, empower, and build capacity among those who may benefit or face challenges as changes come to SW Corridor and investment comes to the area
• A strategic hub to expand funding and channel investment to priority communities 
• A platform to surface opportunities for resource-sharing and collaboration between organizations and sectors
• A consolidated voice of advocacy; providing critical, ongoing input on proposals that affect conditions of equity and social justice for people, and
• A new coalition that provides a powerful forum for collaboration and action to advance common equitable development goals.

Position Summary

We seek a highly qualified candidate to serve as the SW Equity Coalition Manager. This is an exciting and unprecedented opportunity to develop a Coalition that can represent the full array of community priorities in SW Corridor, particularly for people of color and other underrepresented and historically marginalized communities, and work in partnership with an array of government, non-profit, and private entities to put advance measures in place to stabilize communities and pre-empt the displacement risks that are very real to the people that live, work, own businesses, and access services in the corridor.

The individual will lead Coalition Steering Committee members through a process to develop the Coalition’s vision, work plan, structure and fundraising strategy for the next two years. The Manager will convene regular Coalition meetings, set agendas, develop and maintain relationships with new and existing local government, non profit and organizational partners, and engage regularly with community members living along the SW Corridor. 

The Manager will act centrally to develop and lead a broad advocacy, communications, and organizational development strategy in support of the Coalition’s goals.  This position will be based in Portland, Oregon and housed at Unite Oregon.

Position Responsibilities 

General Coalition Leadership and Administrative Support

• Lead the visioning process to establish the MOU and chartering documents for the SW Equity Coalition, including establishing the Coalition membership and decision making structure
• Develop and oversee the Coalition’s annual workplan and collaborative process to set multi-year policy priorities for the SW Equity Coalition 
• Serve as the primary point of contact, resource and information clearinghouse for SW Equity Coalition activities, policy issues, people, and partnerships.
• Oversee and delegate logistics (i.e. calendar invites, reminder calls, meeting materials)
• Coordinating and organizing the Steering Committee, any subcommittees and regular  meetings with Steering Committee members
• Track, archive, and maintain critical SW Equity Coalition documents including but not limited to financial reports, grant applications, policy reports, or other intellectual properties produced by the SW Equity Coalition
• Coordinate and delegate agenda building with Steering Committee & Co-Chair, facilitation, and note-taking for meetings
• Work in close partnership with Metro, Unite Oregon and Community Alliance of Tenants to advance implementation of SWEDS,  build out SW Equity Coalition, and to manage sub- grants

Resource Development

• Fundraise for long-term sustainability of the coalition from local and national foundations and partners as well as local government
• Coordinate engagement of Steering Committee
• Manage and coordinate record keeping and reporting on our work to members, Steering Committee and our funders
• Track budget and expenses
• Membership Development
• Maintain and periodically share a current calendar of meetings and events
• Facilitate outreach and on-going relationship building with potential new members of the Steering Committee
• Provide orientation for new members or representatives
• Manage internal communications, membership records, and annual renewal of members.


• Direct the SW Equity Coalition’s overall advocacy strategy, plan and determine levels of support needed to support the • Coalition’s agenda and work plan
• Develop a field plan that activates Coalition members on policy priorities and other initiatives
• Design and manage an effective communication strategy that includes email, website and social media


• There may be additional opportunities to work in other areas at Unite Oregon, including but not limited to workforce development, economic justice, and environmental justice.
• Other duties as assigned.

Required Qualifications

• Higher education degree and/or relevant experience
• Strong written, interpersonal communication skills and ability to work interdependently
• Excellent organizational and record keeping skills
• Experience working with a diverse range of stakeholder organizations and leadership
• Strong facilitation skills
• Understanding and knowledge of the potential development of the Southwest Corridor light rail project,  regional affordable housing policies, and a shared commitment and passion toward ensuring existing community members- especially immigrants, refugees, communities of color and low-income community members-  are given every opportunity to remain in place, and develop and live out their own vision for the corridor. 
• Experience and willingness to grow as an effective supervisor and manager
• Proficient with technology including word processing, powerpoint, spreadsheets, social media
• Able to regularly use a computer/phone, walk, bend, and climb stairs. Must be able to maneuver, lift and carry event materials, packages and supplies up to 25 pounds. Offices and buildings are totally smoke-free.
• Minimum of 2 years experience in affordable housing work and coalition building

Preferred Qualifications

• Lives or works along the SW Corridor
• Experience and vision managing and building long-term alliances between community based organizations
• Excellent facilitation skills
• Excellent organizational and record keeping skills
• Experience successfully managing, organizing and/or fundraising for an issue campaign
• Experience working with a racially and economically diverse range of stakeholder organizations and Leaders
• Experience writing grants or project proposals
• Anti-oppression, anti-racism, diversity, equity and inclusion work experience

How to Apply

Submit digital package (PDFs preferred) to [email protected]


• Cover letter (2 pages max) clearly outlining the specific skills and knowledge you bring to the job and how they are a good fit with the responsibilities of the position.
• A resume (2 pages max) detailing relevant experience, work history, education and accomplishments
For more information, please email questions to Operations Director, Khanh Le: [email protected]