Jameelah Rasheed

Jameelah Rasheed

Build Parent Organizer/GEARUP

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D Jameelah Rasheed I was born in Detroit, Michigan. She was raised as a Muslim, and went to Detroit Public Schools until the age 10. Her parents decided to move to Vancouver, Washington due to the declined economy and the rising crime rate. She attended middle school and graduated from Fort Vancouver High school in 1992. While working with her parents to raise money to build a masjid for the Muslim Community Center and supporting the homeless and feeding people throughout the Portland Metro area also working with the Oregon Islamic Chaplin Organization with their annual feeding of 500-1000 of people in need through our Day Of Dignity for the last 12 years. She did CNA work in the Alzheimer unit for 9 years, she also was active with the crown ACT getting the bill passed. In 2020 Jameelah started with Unite Oregon as a BUILD Parent Organizer BUILDING Undergraduates through Inclusive Leadership Development in partnership with the Portland Public Schools for BIPOC, Immigrant refugee and low-income families who have students in the 9th and 10th grades. She lives to help those who are in need of help and other resources.