Immigrant & Refugee Rights


Unite Oregon continues to advocate for Comprehensive Immigration Reform at the national level. We believe any Comprehensive Immigration Reform proposal should:

1. Strengthen family unity and re‐unification;

2. Include a path to citizenship within reasonable time;

3. Project people’s rights and civil liberties;

4. Include all immigrant and refugee communities (LGBT, HIV positive, people with disabilities, etc.);

5. Ensure due process for immigrants, refugees, and asylees; and

6. Include enforcement that is fair does not rely on racial profiling and border militarization.


Immigrant Rights and Community Defense/ Derechos de Inmigrantes y Defensa Comunitaria: 

If you see immigration agents (ICE/ La Migra) in your community, call: 




Si mira a la Migra en su comunidad, llame:




Resources/ Recursos: 

  • Locate a loved one if they are detained by ICE/ La Migra,  here.

    • Localice a un ser querido si son detenidxs por La Migra, aqui

  • Oregon Immigration Resources/ Oregon Recursos de Inmigracion: here/ aqui

  • How does ICE behave in a raid? Video

    • ¿Cómo se comporta La Migra en una redada? Video.