Immigrant & Refugee Rights


Unite Oregon continues to advocate for Comprehensive Immigration Reform at the national level. We believe any Comprehensive Immigration Reform proposal should:

1. Strengthen family unity and re‐unification;

2. Include a path to citizenship within reasonable time;

3. Project people’s rights and civil liberties;

4. Include all immigrant and refugee communities (LGBT, HIV positive, people with disabilities, etc.);

5. Ensure due process for immigrants, refugees, and asylees; and

6. Include enforcement that is fair does not rely on racial profiling and border militarization.

Driver's Licenses for All

The ability to drive legally is a core everyday need for many Oregon families as people take their kids to school, commute to work, and take care of family and neighbors in need. Excluding Oregonians from the ability to get a driver’s license because of their citizenship or immigration status puts our neighbors at risk and makes it harder for them to care for themselves and build a better life for their families.

In 2019, the Oregon Legislature is considering House Bill 2015, the Equal Access to Roads Act, which would give EVERY Oregonian access to a driver's license. Oregonians shouldn't have to live in fear of being deported or having their families torn apart simply because they are taking their kids to school, going to work, or taking care of their family or neighbors.

Our lawmakers need to hear from us. Will you take a moment today to stand up for immigrants and refugees, and tell your representatives in Salem to vote YES on HB 2015?

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Immigrant Rights and Community Defense/ Derechos de Inmigrantes y Defensa Comunitaria: 

If you see immigration agents (ICE/ La Migra) in your community, call: 




Si mira a la Migra en su comunidad, llame:



Resources/ Recursos: 

  • Locate a loved one if they are detained by ICE/ La Migra, here.

    • Localice a un ser querido si son detenidxs por La Migra, aqui

  • Oregon Immigration Resources/ Oregon Recursos de Inmigracion: here/ aqui

  • How does ICE behave in a raid? Video

    • ¿Cómo se comporta La Migra en una redada? Video.