Unite Oregon's Housing Fund

Since the beginning of the COVID pandemic, we've seen how the communities we organize have struggled to make ends meet. Many of our members are left out of existing relief programs. And the limited funds we've been able to raise do not come close to meeting the needs of our community. That's especially true when it comes to keeping community members housed, which is why Unite Oregon is launching this Housing Fund, dedicated to helping community members find and remain in housing, and organize for policies that advance housing justice.

Your contribution to Unite Oregon's Housing Fund will support community members like "Sara," who we've written about before. Sara is a single mother and survivor of domestic violence who previously worked at a local restaurant. At the beginning of the outbreak, Sara took family leave to care for her sick daughter. When she went back to work, she learned  that she was being laid off, as were so many workers in the food service industry; unfortunately, Sara did not qualify for unemployment, and had to deal with the sudden and total loss of her income. Then, Sara's landlord tried to evict her, telling her that she needed to pay half of her monthly rent & utilities immediately and the rest at the end of the month in order to keep her housing.

Even though she had lost her job and was at risk of losing her housing, Sara refused to be intimidated by her landlord's threats. She came to Unite Oregon to learn her rights as a tenant. Together with our tireless Housing Justice Director, Cristina Palacios, Sara was able to get her eviction notice rescinded. And we were able to provide her with financial support and connect her to other relief programs.

Sara says now that the support she received from Unite Oregon was "a relief. I was so stressed, felt physically ill, and was experiencing depression as a result of not being able to pay my rent." She asks our community, "please give to Unite Oregon's housing fund, even if you can only make a small donation. These funds have an incredible impact in all of our communities."

This is a story we hear again and again and again from our communities, from undocumented folks, refugees, and asylum-seekers alike. In this unprecedented, global crisis, we cannot leave our friends, family, neighbors, and community members behind. The need in our community is significant, and your contribution to our Housing Fund will help us build up our capacity to serve those we organize.

Your contribution will enable us to organize our communities for housing justice. Unite Oregon is a 501(c)3 organization and all contributions to our Housing Fund are fully deductible on your taxes.

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GOAL: $30,000.00

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