Hayaan Project - Anti-Hate Campaign

Fight Against Hate in Our State



During times of drought, Somali nomads send small groups out on a voyage in search of water and grassland. When they find pasture, they return to their tribe with the news, and the entire community moves with them. The act of moving is called the “hayaan.” For nomadic people, hayaan is more than a means of survival, it represents community-wide act of resiliency—a movement that includes everyone, built on a vision of societal renewal, self-sufficiency, and collective action.

Immigrants and refugees now face a kind of drought. Our dreams are drying in the heat of hate spewed by our leaders and codified in public policy. But we also know that our people are capable of leading society to more fertile ground. The Hayaan Project encompasses such a journey.

Unite Oregon is calling on our all who value human rights to help support the Hayaan Project, Unite Oregon’s immigrant and refugee led effort to train and support new leaders, provide direct legal assistance, mobilize allies, and fight back against public policy attacks our communities are experiencing.

Specifically, the Hayaan Project will:

1. Educate immigrant communities on their constitutional rights and how to protect themselves from increased surveillance, vigilante groups, ICE raids, and other actions through popular education workshops, “Know Your Rights” trainings, and community-based referral/support networks

2. Raise the awareness of community members and elected officials of the growing threats to immigrant and refugee communities through public forums, media, and one-on-one meetings

3. Build a cross-cultural network of immigrant and refugee mutual assistance organizations, nonprofits, faith-based groups, and allies able to move quickly on actions that protect targeted communities, and move future policy initiatives forward

4. Prepare diverse immigrant and refugee leaders to assume positions of power in the movement for human rights and civil liberties through workshops and leadership development activities

5. Directly support victims of profiling, surveillance, and other actions through partnerships with legal organizations

The $50,000 we raise through this endeavor will allow us to hire a full-time, statewide coordinator to implement the Hayaan Project. YOU can fund immigrant and refugee resilience. You can join us on our hayaan. Together, we’ll move Oregon to a better place.