Finance Associate

Finance Associate

Position Title: Finance Associate

Reports to: Administration and Operations Director

Hours: Full Time (40 hours/week)

Duration: Full Time, Ongoing

Compensation: $50,000-53,000 per year; generous and progressive benefits including medical and dental care 100% of premiums paid by Unite Oregon, paid wellness leave, vacation, flex time, and personal days off.

About Unite Oregon: Unite Oregon is a 501(c)3 grassroots community organization with three chapters, in Portland, Beaverton, and Medford, Oregon. Unite Oregon believes that all people can become leaders and agents of change in the areas of living wages, racial justice, immigrant and refugee rights, and affordable housing. Unite Oregon is building a unified intercultural movement for justice in our state.

Position Description: The Finance Associate leads work in the areas of Budget Development, Cash Flow tracking and overall Financial Administration. The position manages and creates accurate and timely payroll allocations, accounts receivable, invoicing, and budget updates. The position works closely with the Administration and Operations Director to assist with the creation of and improvement of financial analytical tools and forecasts to support program managers and all staff for Unite Oregon and Unite Oregon Action.

Job Duties

Organizational Finance Communication
● Schedule and Lead executive team meetings:

o Monthly Finance Meetings
o Budget Development Process Meetings (executive, staff, board)

● Create and Improve staff tutorials and trainings for software systems: SMJ, scanning apps, monthly credit card coding

● Maintain organizational Grant Index, the central location for grant and contract revenue; work with Development and Organizing staff to update as needed.

● In conjunction with the executive team, lead annual and support program budgets development process

● Administer and review all financial plans and budgets; monitor progress and changes; report financial status to executive team keeping the leadership team and board members

● Assist with annual financial audit; gather and compile support documents

● Create and maintain accurate Financial Information Folders, Spreadsheets, and documents in Unite Oregon’s Google Suite & Drive

● Scan key documents to correct folders using appropriate naming conventions

● Create accurate Payroll Allocations; meet monthly with Field Director to verify

● Maintain updated Cash Flow sheet that closely predicts organizational Revenue and Expenses

● Manage the Invoicing process: create and submit invoices, communicate with vendors to collect payments. Improve process by moving it into Quickbooks.

● Format and create accurate monthly bank and credit card reporting sheets; coordinate with team to input accurate coding of transactions

● Accurately enter and review financial entries in SMJ online accounting portal

● Lead SMJ online portal trainings; work with team to improve accounting portal use by all staff

● Other duties as assigned

Development Support
● Assist Development Director with solicitation of sponsors; format and send sponsorship letters and sponsorship donation receipt acknowledgements and other donor-centric information

Required Skills:
● Accounting - Fluency in accounting principles and strong core account management skills

● Attention to detail - Ability to effectively organize various types of financial and demographic data

● Communication - Emphasis on clear communication with team to develop positive working relationships

● Problem-solving - Ability to research and resolve finance issues

How to Apply
Submit digital package (PDF preferred) to [email protected]

● Cover letter (2 pages max) clearly outlining the specific skills and knowledge you bring to the job and how they are a good fit with the responsibilities of the position.

● A resume (2 pages max) detailing relevant experience, work history, education and accomplishments

● For more information, please email questions to Operations Director, Khanh Le: [email protected]