Economic Justice


Unite Oregon is proud to be joining a diverse and growing number of individuals, organizations, and coalitions nationwide to generate even greater attention to—and progress on—the issues and policies that are of critical importance to the economic stability and success of women, families, and the nation. We are coming together to remind lawmakers and people across the country that we are women and families, and the issues we care about matter. We need an economy that works for all of us, and that starts with pay equity for all, a higher minimum wage, and paid family and medical leave.

Women's Economic Agenda

Oregon’s labor landscape has changed with two-thirds of women as sole or co-breadwinners for their families, but the policies don’t match.

Minimum Wage: Women are the majority of minimum wage workers. In Oregon, women made up 57 percent of the workforce, but 60 percent of minimum wage workers in 2013.

Equal Pay: White women still earn 77 cents to every dollar her male counterpart makes, while Black women make 65 cents and Latina women make only 55 cents.

Comprehensive Health Care: Women need continued access to affordable and accessible healthcare and family planning. Almost half of all pregnancies in Oregon are unplanned, this should not be something that limits women’s opportunities.

These issues affect our economy and the well-being of families in Oregon. Together we can make the economy work for many, not just the wealthy few.


East Portland Community Prosperity Initiative

Unite Oregon is working to collaboratively develop a community-based, community-centered strategy for equitable development in East Portland. Learn more here.