Defund Portland Police in 2021-22

Defund Portland Police in 2021-22

Mayor Ted Wheeler has released his draft 2021-22 budget - it would cut critical programs while increasing the number of employees dedicated to policing in Portland. Enough is enough!

We need investment in the well-being of our communities, not in an unaccountable police department.

Join us THIS WEDNESDAY May 5th at 6pm to tell City Council to defund the Police Bureau & reimagine community safety! Register at the link below by 4pm tomorrow!

We reiterate our demand that Portland City Council immediately cut an additional $35 million from the Police Bureau budget and redirect it towards programs that reimagine community safety from the ground up. And as we learn and build new ways of building safety, we will continue to push towards an eventual full defunding of the police. Until we achieve full abolition, we demand a budget which:

- Dramatically limits our communities’ contact with the police,

- Begins to demilitarize the police, and limits the functions they play in our communities, and

- Reimagines community safety and makes real investments in new approaches.