Buy A Building Fund

Unite Oregon has been a part of the NE Portland community over 17 years. While we love the NE community, our families, community members and supporters have been displaced to East Portland. We are raising resources to purchase a building. We are excited to launch the East Portland Community Prosperity Initiative.

Who's donating

Jo Ann Hardesty
Shuk Arifdjanov
Joseph Santos-Lyons
Pete Lee
Anthony Jeffries
Jim Labbe
Ashlee Albies
Nuhamin Eiden
Nadia Hasan
Stephanie Noll
Jennifer Lundstrom
Zoe Klingmann
Baher Butti
Mandy Allen
Brian Hoop
Dara Snyder
Michelle DePass
Martin Gonzalez
Dacia Grayber
Grace Silvia Feder
ann romer
Robin Ye
Linda Jones
Jesse Beason
Kay O'Neill
Alissa Keny-Guyer
Kathleen Swift

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Contributions are tax deductible.

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