2021 Statement on Afghan Refugees

Unite Oregon joins community organizations across the country in calling on President Biden and the federal government to evacuate Afghan citizens in danger from the Taliban, and give them refugee status in the United States on humanitarian grounds. Without bold and decisive action, the situation in Afghanistan will put the lives of thousands of Afghans at risk of violence which will disproportionately affect women, civil society activists, LGBTQ+, religious and ethnic minorities, and other vulnerable groups.

This humanitarian crisis is partly the result of decades of disastrous American foreign policy decisions in and around Afghanistan. We call on Oregon's Congressional delegation to pressure the Biden Administration, and demand that the federal government fulfill our moral duty to the Afghan people.

We encourage community members to support NGOs doing humanitarian work in Afghanistan, such as:

Doctors without Borders (Medecins Sans Frontiers)

Islamic Relief Worldwide

Finally, we encourage those who may know people trying to flee Afghanistan to read this guide to immigration relief for Afghan citizens who wish to resettle in the United States, United Kingdom, or Canada