Shujat Qalbani


Criminal Justice Policy Director

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Shujat attended college and law school in Missouri. After passing the bar, he have worked as a criminal prosecutor and municipal judge in a couple of cities in St. Louis County. After eight years of working for law enforcement and the local governments, he decided that he wanted to move out of working for the government and to move away from the midwest and start over somewhere else. He wanted to work towards helping the underserved populations in a more meaningful way.

Beginning with his involvement in the Midwest Innocence Project, His career has fueled his passion for public service. In law school he was taught that the first line of defense for anyone charged with a crime is the prosecutor. From that lesson, he originally chose the path of prosecutor, as it allowed him to have an impact on a greater number of defendants. Unfortunately, there were limits as to how impactful he could be, especially as the political atmosphere tightened. He felt that many people were still slipping through the cracks. Moving forward, He would look to use his experience as a prosecutor to help those neglected members of society. His interest in working for Unite Oregon stems from his shared values with its commitment to helping underrepresented communities.

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