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Immigration lawyers help renew DACA recipients’ permits

Large group protests Attorney General Sessions' visit to Portland

KATU Dozens of protesters gathered outside the US Citizenship and Immigration Services building in Portland ahead of Attorney General Jeff Sessions' speech to law enforcement.   Read more

Hillsboro rallies for DACA, against ICE arrests

KOIN/HILLSBORO TRIBUNE Church leaders in Washington County said they’re trying to draw attention to the methods immigration enforcement agents are using to arrest undocumented immigrants.   Read more

ICE agents mistakenly try to grab Latino county worker near courthouse

OREGONLIVE Federal agents mistook a longtime Washington County employee for an illegal immigrant just as a nearby demonstration against arrests of undocumented immigrants ended at the courthouse in Hillsboro.   Read more

Grupos proinmigrantes en Oregon buscan más transparencia en arrestos de 'ICE'

UNIVISION PORTLAND Organizaciones en Oregon creen que agentes de la Oficina para el Control de Inmigración y Aduanas (ICE) están utilizando los tribunales locales para efectuar arrestos migratorios.   Read more

Interfaith group protests outside Washington Co. courthouse over recent ICE arrests

FOX 12 A group of interfaith leaders gathered around the Washington County courthouse Monday morning saying they want to create a "sanctuary" around the courthouse. Read more

Monday morning vigil aims to bring transparency to ICE arrests

KATU Several Oregon groups believe Immigration and Customs Enforcement deportation agents are using courthouses to make arrests. Monday, before court cases start, the ACLU Oregon, Unite Oregon and clergy members will gather in front of the... Read more

Immigration lawyers help renew DACA recipients’ permits

KOIN There is uncertainty over what the next step for the DACA program and its recipients will be. Yanely Rivas, Unite Oregon’s lead organizer for Washington County, wants people on the topic to remember something. “I think that... Read more

Oregon Bill Lowers Penalties for All Drugs, and for a Noble Reason

CULTURE MAGAZINE Oregon legislature recently passed a  bill that significantly reduces penalties for possession of illicit drugs including heroin, cocaine and methamphetamine. The Oregon House passed the House Bill 2355 with a vote of 36-23... Read more

Oregon Moves to Defelonize Drug Possession

SPLINTER As Attorney General Jeff Sessions ramps up the War on Drugs, Oregon will join approximately 16 states in decriminalizing possession of illicit drugs (besides cannabis, which is already legal). Read more

Oregon to Make Heroin and Coke Possession a Misdemeanor

VICE NEWS If Governor Kate Brown signs the approved bill into law, it would give first-time offenders with small amounts of drugs less jail time and lower fines. Read more