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About Unite Oregon, Multnomah County

Unite Oregon represents the merger of two strong organizations – Center for Intercultural Organizing (CIO) and Oregon Action (OA) – who together have decades of experience organizing immigrants, refugees, people of color, and low-income Oregonians to address racial and economic disparities and improve quality of life in our state. Unite Oregon, Multnomah County is an independent chapter of this powerful statewide nonprofit. (Read more about this unique and powerful merger, and what it means for our work, here.


In 2017, Unite Oregon, Multnomah County is digging in on the issues that our members have prioritized for us, including reducing disparities in public educationraising wages for workers; continuing racial justice work like ending police profiling; fighting for justice and dignity for immigrants and refugees; and addressing the affordable housing crisis.

Other issues we work on include planning and land use issues, transportation access and affordability, economic justice for working women, environmental justice, and civic engagement. All of our work is approached through a racial justice lens and with a focus on developing the leaders of tomorrow as we build a powerful movement for change.

Throughout all of our campaigns and issue work, we are continuing our focus on developing new organizers and community leaders. as well as continuing to take a visible leadership role in the community as an organization.

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Unite Oregon, Multnomah County
700 N. Killingsworth Street
Portland, OR 97217
(503) 287-4117


Our Leadership

Unite Oregon, Multnomah County is led locally by a leadership council of 5-10 members who live in our community. We prioritize immigrants, refugees, and people of color for leadership council positions. 2-4 members of our leadership council are elected up to Unite Oregon's statewide Board of Directors.


You might be wondering what this merger means for the work ahead...

This unique and powerful merger is designed to allow both organizations to continue being the authentic community forces we have always been while leveraging our collective voices and people power to make change at the state level.

Unite Oregon, Multnomah County will keep our local staff, set our own budget and strategic priorities, and elect our own representatives to the new statewide Board of Directors. Our partnership with Oregon Action is designed to help us speak with a powerful, unified voice at the state level.

We will keep working on many issues we are known for such as increasing access to safe and affordable housing, ending profiling, raising wages, fighting for immigrant and refugee rights, and education. We believe that the unique challenges Portland area communities face are critical to having a thriving community for everyone.

Will we stay exactly the same? Of course not! We will continue to evolve and grow like any healthy organization. But we remain committed to the core values we were founded on: creating vibrant multicultural communities, building power, building leaders, fighting for justice, collaboration, inclusion, and never giving up, because our community deserves nothing less.

Moving forward together, we stand as one strong, unified statewide social justice organization representing a uniquely diverse constituency. By uniting across urban and rural divides, bringing together immigrants, refugees, low income folks, students, and people of color for our common interests, together we are poised to make significant change in Oregon.

Join us in this exciting moment as we work to make our community a strong, vibrant, and welcoming place for all!