BUILD is Hiring Full-Time Parent Organizer

The BUILD (Building Undergraduates through Inclusive Leadership Development) program is seeking a full-time Parent Organizer for David Douglas school district to assist parents in collectively addressing system barriers, advancing educational equity policies, and ensuring students of color, immigrant and refugee, and ELL students are prepared for transition into high school.

About the program

BUILD aims to spearhead a large-scale, bottom up approach to parent engagement within David Douglas schools. We envision a community engagement model that is representative and inclusive of families within the whole school community, focused on developing the capacity of all families to actively participate within the educational system. Project components will include an intensive, annual leadership development training program for cohorts of parent leaders with students in middle and high schools— community-based research conducted by parents to surface common barriers and potential solutions to college readiness for families, robust parent organizing around identified solutions, and cross-cultural family mobilization for student success. The program will center around families representing immigrants, refugees, people of color, low-income community members, and prospective first-generation college-bound youth and parents, and will leverage partnerships and work collaboratively with community organizations, Oregon public and private colleges and universities, and David Douglas Schools to ensure significant impact.


  • Commitment to racial justice
  • Ability to relate to and organize parents from diverse cultural, language, religious, and socio-economic backgrounds primarily culturally-specific communities of color, immigrant and refugees and low income parents.
  • Ability to build and maintain relationships with parents, youth, key community leaders, other partnership agencies, and school administrators.
  • Experience with recruitment, retention, and community outreach, organizing and engagement strategies.
  • Experience with group facilitation and popular education methods including leading workshops in a multicultural, multilingual setting that include team building activities and engaging dialogue.
  • Excellent project planning and event organizing ability; proven experience conducting workshops, actions, and trainings
  • Strong communication, writing, organizational, and record-keeping skills
  • Strong commitment to social and racial justice
  • Experience within David Douglas School district and community on education equity issues, policies, and programming

Responsibilities include:

  • Work closely with parents, students, teachers, administration, leaders, and other key partners and potentially support outreach in other clusters through dual language support
  • Recruit, engage, and train parents to address systemic barriers inside schools through issue identification, advocacy, and mobilizing
  • Identify, recruit, and retain 25-30 parents to participate in BUILD Lead cohort
  • Provide support for parents at cross-cultural leadership training retreats
  • Facilitate and lead meetings with parents on an ongoing basis
  • Conduct research on issues and potential solutions to increasing numbers of college bound students
  • Develop issue campaigns around community-validated solutions that address systemic barriers to student success and college readiness for targeted student populations
  • Assist with referral services and case management as needed
  • Attend weekly BUILD staff meetings, 1:1 weekly check-ins, and UO monthly staff
  • Build and assist the mission-critical work around parent engagement, leadership, and advocacy
  • Advise on school-level strategies in support of parent engagement and empowerment
  • Foster relationships and develop strong partnership with community based organizations, faith leaders, elected, officials, civic, and community leaders that lead to positive engagement of the parents.
  • Help develop and implement parental engagement strategies that lead to meaningful parent-led advocacy and activism
  • Support post-secondary efforts including college tours and exposure events for students and parents about requirements for college enrollment and supports for college success

Starting annual salary is $42,500 plus competitive benefit package.

Please send your resume and cover letter to BUILD Program Director, Inger McDowell at inger@uniteoregon.org

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